Here are some projects I am involved with ...

Model TugVSTEP announced the Ship Simulator Extremes Content Creation Contest, this month.

I am working on a few model entries.

One of these is a old tug based on MV Klimek which is now out of service.

3D Model of GibraltarI have now began working on a 3D model of Gibraltar.

I still need to find a free source of GES Data so I can create the topography of the rock.

The data I have found lacks the scale to be able to model the rock contours accurately. I will continue to search.

HMS ChallengerSNS Challenger is a Social Networking Site, which brings together a "crew" from around the globe and sails on the ocean that is the Internet.

The objective is to collectively revisit and redocument ALL the original photographs taken during the Victorian voyage of HMS Challenger (1872-1876). HMS Challenger went from place to place but our aim is to visit them all at the same time using the SNS.

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